Intellectual Thoughts by Sanjay Panda: Scams - our part of Life

Scams - our part of Life

Gaining inappropriately from any thing is Indian Politicians specialties.  Name any sector like   so called poor persons "cattle fodder" to high end civil aviation. Recent examples like Common wealth games,(CWG) Adarsh housing, 2G spectrum etc etc. 

These scams highlight the controls the government retains on physical resources and contracting processes. Systems of managing them are byzantine in nature, fatiguing citizens with opaqueness and red tape. This very nature of system offers ample opportunities for rent extraction, as bribery becomes a quick way to get permits. A 'crony' culture also exists, with contracts being awarded to the most fawning of supporters backing a  MLA, MP or minister.  Though India is not alone. The situation in India, is  the  unaccountable and corrupt authorities persecuting the ordinary  ones while permitting the impermissible, is truly worrying.  The way forward,  these politicians must be investigated through impartial fast track courts and if possible capital punishment should be awarded to them just like the Chinese  sentences those guilty of corruption.

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