Intellectual Thoughts by Sanjay Panda: Name the SHAME

Name the SHAME

Mr. Ratan Tata  said  that he was advised to bribe a minister a sum of Rs 15 crore to get governmental approval to start a private airline company  some years back. It would have been appropriate  if Mr Tata had named the minister and made public his demands at that time  rather than  merely whining and seeking to occupy high moral ground. If business leaders of the stature of Mr Tata are willing to strike but afraid to wound, what can one expect of lesser mortals? Ordinary citizens facing people in power, one can understand their fear of authority. But an influential and powerful business leader like Mr. Tata can afford to speak up and speak out, without fear or favour.   Mr. Tata whom you are afraid of and for what??? Unless you speak up there is no value to the Jago re….. campaign  which is being sponsored by one of your group company.

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