Intellectual Thoughts by Sanjay Panda: Tesla Model 3- "Biggest one-week launch of any product ever."

Tesla Model 3- "Biggest one-week launch of any product ever."

Tesla announced on 8th April that it has received 325,000 pre orders for its recently unveiled Model 3. If it sells every car that's been reserved, the company says it will earn enough revenue to make this the "biggest one-week launch of any product ever."   

Approx $14 billion in implied future sales for a car that  unlikely  to  delivered  to anybody  until 2018 at the earliest.  While it’s undoubtedly encouraging that hundreds of thousands of consumers are eager to purchase the Model 3, its possible that interest may wane if some deliveries are pushed back until 2020  and that  seems likely if one sees the  history of Tesla.

Musk further  revealed that only 5 percent of Model 3 pre order customers reserved two cars -'the maximum allowed"  and  as per him,   this suggests "low levels of speculation," or buyers looking to flip the car for a profit. The reservations are not transferable, meaning any speculators would need to buy the car outright and then sell it used to a third-party.

After receiving these incredible numbers of pre orders  Tesla now seems to be scaling back on Model 3 expectation. For instance, when Musk first introduced the Model 3, he insinuated that Supercharging would be free. However, a closer inspection of Musk’s remarks revealed that Supercharging capabilities on the Model 3 would come standard, perhaps implying that Model 3 users might have to pay for Supercharging access.

In fact, Tesla even changed the supercharging verbiage on its website following the Model 3’s unveiling. Whereas “Supecharging” was initially listed as one of the Model 3’s features, it has since been changed to “Supercharging Capable.”

Other   instances like, Tesla’s initial Model 3 webpage boasted that the car would sport a “5-star Safety Rating in all categories.” but the updated Model 3 webpage simply states that the car will be “Designed for Safety.”

In another example, the first incarnation of the Model 3 webpage said that the car will feature “Autopilot Safety Features.” Now it simply reads that the Model 3 will come with “Autopilot Hardware”, seemingly implying that users will have to pay extra to get Autopilot safety features turned on.

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