Intellectual Thoughts by Sanjay Panda: India commissions first major SBR plant

India commissions first major SBR plant

The commissioning of  Indian Synthetic Rubber Ltd. (ISRL, a JV of IOCL, TSRC, Marubeni) plant to manufacture  Styrene Butadiene  Rubber ( SBR)  is a significant milestone for  Indian  synthetic rubber industry. It will have the capacity to make up to 120-ktpa of the synthetic rubber. Till date India used to be  a 100% importer of SBR despite of huge demand of SBR.

SBR is the world’s oldest synthetic elastomer and also the most important, although demand for natural rubber is twice as much. The automotive sector is the largest end-use of SBR – accounting for 65-70% of global demand, mainly for tyre and tread. The first commercial processes for SBR produced emulsions (e-SBR), but later developments in solution polymerization have led to the development of s-SBR grades with superior mechanical properties, particularly tensile strength, low rolling resistance and handling, in tire applications.
Next  India will have its first butyl rubber plant. Polybutadiene rubber capacity is also being expanded.