Intellectual Thoughts by Sanjay Panda: Americans prefer Indian products to Chinese

Americans prefer Indian products to Chinese

A majority of Americans are not averse to purchasing made-in-India products, but the opposite is the case for those made in China, according to a new survey conducted by renowned US-based business magazine Fortune.

In the wake of some of the American companies, including toymaker Mattel, recalling products they sourced from China due to high lead content, nearly three in five (57%) of the US citizens surveyed by Fortune said they were "less likely to buy a product if it is made in China."

As much as 52% of the survey respondents said such an incident would not affect their purchasing decision if the product was made in India.

In the survey, only 35% of Americans said they were "less likely" to purchase a product manufactured in India, while 11% said they were "more likely" to buy such goods.

For China-made products, 11% people said they were "more likely" to buy these products, while 30% said it did not matter to them whether goods were exported from the dragon country.

Fortune magazine, which surveyed 1,000 adults throughout America between January 14-16, said "where a product is manufactured does not impact Americans' purchasing decisions except when that product is made in China."

Nearly three-in-five (57%) Americans were less likely to buy a product if it was made in China. When products were manufactured in other areas, such as Eastern Europe (57%), Western Europe (55%), Canada (53%), India (52%), Africa (51%), Mexico (48%), Japan (47%), and South Korea (46%), nearly a majority said it did not matter, the survey found.


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