Intellectual Thoughts by Sanjay Panda: Malaysia- Truly Racist

Malaysia- Truly Racist

For a country that abhors public protests and suppresses them with strict rules against illegal assembly, Malaysia has had two big demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur just this month. Two large street rallies within a month by Indian ethnic group may be a sign that the 50-year-old code defining the rules of engagement between the state and the minority ethnic groups.

The biggest source of discontent is “race” since the minority Chinese and Indian communities are disenchanted with economic policies that favor heavily to the majority Malays.

Free-trade talks with the U.S. and Australia have been delayed and the ones with New Zealand have had to be suspended primarily because Malaysia's policy of discouraging non-Malays “including foreigners” from bidding on government tenders is unacceptable to these countries. The same issue might also jeopardize a free-trade deal between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations of which Malaysia is a member and the European Union.

When non malay ethnic groups protested against the preferential treatment for Malays in every walk of life they were brutally harassed & supressed. Malaysia must give give equal rights and equal opportunity to all her citizens irrespective of their race. Unless that happens Malaysia must be isolated from all the global forum including trade and investment. As of now it seems “Malaysia is not truly Asia but truly racist”.

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