Intellectual Thoughts by Sanjay Panda: September 2021

Mumbai World's Second Most Honest City, Finds 'Lost Wallet' Social Experiment


A survey was conducted by Reader's Digest magazine where they dropped wallet in 16 cities  to check how many of them were returned.

Each dropped wallet   contained things like  a name with a cellphone number, a family photo, coupons,  business cards, plus cash  equivalent of $50.


The cities in question were Amsterdam, Berlin, Bucharest, Budapest, Helsinki, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Prague, Rio De Janeiro, Warsaw, and Zurich.


During the survey, it was found that Helsinki of Finland is the most honest city. Mumbai which secured second place has returned nine wallets out of 12 dropped wallets.. However, Lisbon in Portugal was the bad performer as out of 12 dropped wallets only one returned. To top it off, who returned the single wallet, were not from Lisbon visitor from Netherlands.


 Well done Mumbai & Mumbaikars.


On a personal front I  had lost my wallet in Mumbai airport parking  place  few years back.  An  Airport employee  found it  and returned the same to me . I am still Thankful to the person, as   a wallet in general, not only contains some cash but contains credit cards and several   other  important documents DL,  Aadahar  and the list is long.

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